Before I Go

by Joshua Baez

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The third studio album and second full length record from Seattle singer-songwriter, Joshua Baez.


released August 22, 2013

All music and lyrics by Joshua Baez
Produced by Joshua Baez

Recorded and mixed by Joshua Baez
Mastered by Robert Domos

Album artwork by Joshua Baez
Design and layout by Joshua Baez

(c) 2013 Joshua Baez



all rights reserved


Joshua Baez Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Darling, Where Have You Gone?
Darling, where have you gone?
I saw you running away into the storm
But please, love, don’t be afraid
I promise you we’ll be okay
I know that this is hard

Darling, where have you gone?
I know the distance is harder than you thought
But soon you will be here again
And I’ll be here to hold your hand
And we’ll walk into the dark

It’s all just a matter of time
But we’ll be alright

Darling, where have you gone?
You know I will wait for you until you come back home
When distance is just a different place
The night sky we see is still the same
You told me that once

So this is why I’m writing
I hope you understand
That when given a reason
You that I’m not leaving yet

Darling, where have you gone?
I woke up this morning and I could have sworn I heard your song
Sun by you across the hall
But I realize you’re not here
It’s just a matter of time

But we’ll be alright
Track Name: It's Natural to Be Afraid
I opened my eyes to find
The days had come to pass me by
As I stared into the dark

Thinking of the time I've spent
Trying to outrun the time I've left
When I know I can't
But I wish I did

But it's natural to be afraid
When you can't see the steps that you must take
And I know you're scared

But don't you think that this scares me too?
When I am faced with the thought of losing you
But I will fight
And we will make it through

And I stare at the walls searching for a truth
As if it's somewhere hidden in the corners of the room
And I lie awake, hoping for the chance
That you'll come back home and we can start again
Before out time was spent

I know you might think you're alone in this
But you're not by a little bit
You know that we are here

And I will hold your heart inside my chest
Until the day that you ask for it back
And I will give you it
And wish you the best
Track Name: Oh, So Long Ago
The time move past
Falling from my eyes
I never
Expected that
The years could pass me by
So fast

I have
Not been who I was
Since you had gone away
By this road I’ve crossed
I know that I have changed

The windows
Rivers from the rain
Racing down the glass
As the sun sets
The ocean’s golden waves
I know that time has passed

I saw you
Beneath the door
Standing in the light
A silhouette
Of times we knew before
We had said goodbye

On a country road
I see the blur of time
As my eyes
Cannot tell between
What I have left behind

From what has stayed with me
Track Name: Go Your Own Way
Go your own way
I will not try and stop you
But I will run
Miles and miles to find you
And I will plead you to come back home
Back to this place that we've called our own
And when the nights grow longer my steps will not falter
Into the morning I'll go

I had a dream
We were sailing on the open sea
And you looked to me
And you quietly whispered something
But I couldn’t hear what it was you said
But you just smiled as you turned your head
And you looked to the coast but you kept your eyes closed
And opened them again

But it’s alright to be afraid
Of the shadows that we have made
But don’t let your fear direct you my dear
You have to go your own way

I know that it’s been
A long time since we’ve last met
And I know that it’s not
Exactly what you would expect
But I can’t help but laugh
At all that we’ve said in the past
When distance is the name for the time you’re away
Until the time you get back

And I'll smile when you get back
Track Name: Empty Stairs
Before I leave tonight
From the comfort of my sheets
And walk along
The open road that’s beckoning
It calls to me
“The years will come and pass you by so quickly”

I’ll say my goodbyes
To the people that I wish could stay
In my life
One last touch before we fade
I’ll whisper to you
That I wish this wouldn’t be so hard to believe

I’ll waste a day
To sit alone of empty stairs
And contemplate
About the life that’s easing in
I’ll cover my couch
With an old sheet and I’ll close the door behind me

The ground beneath our feet is spent
But I will keep my roots instead

I know you're scared
When there's a darkness you can't see
But I'll be there
To hold you tightly, close to me
So we can go
And let our plans begin so our lives can start again

The ground beneath our feet is spent
But I will keep my roots instead
And find a place to rest my head
So we can start again

We can start again
Track Name: For Morning, After the Night
Wake up
My darling
It's time to greet the morning
Your eyes
I smile in the opaque light

Through the windows
Diamonds reflecting
On your pillow
And we stay
The covers as I kiss you softly

You said
That you loved
The rain as it fell from above
Into oceans
And we stay bound by the silence

And I look
Into your eyes
And you stare right back into mine
The sun sets
Returning to the open ocean

So where do you think you're going?
I'm not letting go so fast
Not when you're the one that I've wanted
I just wanted this to last

I wish
That these drives
Were longer before we'd say goodbye
And I'd kiss you
Standing beneath the rain
And I told you we'd be okay

We'll be okay
Track Name: Before I Go
Oh, my darling
It's been so long
Since I've written you a letter
Since I've held you in my arms
And though I've missed you
In our time apart
I just hope you realize
That you still have my heart

So where is it you're going
To my little bird?
Are you flying off to places
That you've never seen before?
But can you promise
Me one little thing?
That before you go you'll come back
And you'll say goodbye to me

But please remember
The things that we have said
That distance doesn't matter
And time is all that's left
Before I go there is
Something I must say
This isn't a goodbye
I'll see you again someday