Little Bird

by Joshua Baez

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The debut album from singer-songwriter, Joshua Baez.


released June 15, 2012

All music and lyrics by Joshua Baez
Produced by Joshua Baez

Recorded and mixed by Joshua Baez
Mastered by Dylan Wall

Album artwork by Ian Why
Design and layout by Joshua Baez and Ian Why

(c) 2012 Joshua Baez



all rights reserved


Joshua Baez Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Wake
Track Name: Little Bird
Little bird
I’ve seen you
I’ve called you

Little bird
I’ve held you
I’ve kept you
So closely
To me

Little bird
I’ve heard you
Sing your song

Little bird
Just sing out
Your sad song
For me
Oh, please, baby, please

Let me hear your voice

Little bird
Where are you?
I can’t find you

Little bird
I watched you
As you flew
Just come back one day
Track Name: I've Been Gone
I awoke to the morning light
The sun came like a thief—stealing shadows that consumed my eyes
So I lay awake staring aimlessly
Into the fibers of my ceiling for a sign, but there wasn’t anything

But still I stared until my eyes began to close
And the floaters swam right past me in the darkness of my catacombs
But when I opened them expecting not to move
But everything was gone along with everything I had of you

All that remained was a feather on the ground
Right beside the open window pane—the shutters gone and leading out
And there I knew that we were born to fly away
We’re riding on these everlasting, ever-present winds of change

But my little bird I only wish you the best
In your search for something better, for something that you lost, that you regret
I guess that time is always coming at the worst
But just promise me you’ll sing, and you will always be my little bird

I’ve been waiting
For this silence to come and take me
But your song
That you’re singing
Keeps me grounded
Keeps me from leaving

I’ve been gone
Track Name: White Wave
I had waited so long for this
Just for a chance to lose my breath again
And here you are, always on my mind
My white wave, my morning light

We sat underneath the stars
Eating nectarines on the hood of my car
And you smiled in the cold
But you were fine, you were beautiful

Underneath the street lights and lamp posts

And when I look into your eyes
And I can’t speak
And when you give a little smile
And I can’t breathe
You know that I will always hold you so closely
And I’ll kiss you in dark- in the light of the TV
And I’ll never let you go
From me

I had waited so long for this
Track Name: Letters
I wrote these letters to you
And signed my name
On the manuscript—another page
In a poorly-lit room
This regret that has kept me
A restless mind—fading fast

But I hoped that I would be the last one here

But in the early dawn
Past two in the morning
But still I lay wide awake
The sheets to my neck
And the letters that I wrote to you
Lying on the floor again

I tried my very best
To fight and to trust in the words that you said
That “Our love is a thing that we have”
But I went and I let it die again

I tried

But you’re still mine
Track Name: Close My Eyes
When I step back
The water rises to my chest
And over my head
Until I open my eyes again
Only to find that I
Had been asleep this whole time
And the night is young
As I look to my alarm clock

The morning hasn’t opened her eyes
To rise

So I close my eyes again
Hoping I can sleep past this
To wake to a war
Between my head and my heart
So I breathe, I sigh
To break the silence of this quiet night
And I close my eyes
Oh, please, just let me sleep tonight

I can see you when I close my eyes
Oh please just let me sleep tonight

But you’re still mine
When I close my eyes
Track Name: Lost
I know that it may seem like I have not been here
But please, love, don’t think that I’ve just disappeared
We’ve all been lost
We’ve all felt scared

Scared of the future—of the road that lies ahead
But I promised you, my darling, you won’t be alone in this
So please don’t leave
Please don’t give up on me
Not just yet

I know that you have just felt lost inside a maze
Distancing yourself, but please, love, don’t be afraid
We’ve still got time
We don’t need to figure it all out just yet

So please, come back to me

Don’t you remember all the days that we had spent
Back in December, all those months ago back then
I miss you more
Than I ever thought I could

I know that I am not the man I was before
But I’m trying my best to keep you from walking out that door
So please,
You know that I’m still yours

I’ve spent these days with a heavy, heavy heart
These sleepless nights where I wish we could restart
So I could tell you
I’m sorry for everything

And I realize that sometimes we will fight
But I don’t care; I just want to hold you tight
It doesn’t matter
I just want to make this right

Because in the end I know that I want you the most
I know I’ll make mistakes, but I’ll always hold you close
I’ll leave the light on
So you can find your way back home

So, please, love, please, just, come back to me
I miss now more than I could ever think
I promise you,
I’ll give you everything

But you know I will always wish you the best
Whether you decide to stay or leave instead
Just know I love you
I just ask you don’t forget
When close your eyes to rest your head
Track Name: Close My Eyes (Epilogue)
But you’re still mine
When I close my eyes

I stare into my ceiling
The dark of the unknown
I’m tearing at the sutures
That kept all my scars whole
And though they’ve finished healing
I tear them back again
And I stare into my ceiling
I close my eyes to rest

But the war that carries on
So loudly in my head
Wakes me from my dreaming
So I lie awake in bed
The scars that finished healing
Are torn open again

But soon the daylight comes
Peeking through the blinds
Slowly I wake up
To finally realize
That nothing stays the same
No, nothing touched by time
It all goes away
An awful curse of life

So I lie awake
Staring at the door
Hoping for a chance
That you might return
But that door never opened
And I left my scars alone
And when I close my eyes
I don’t see you anymore

And when I close my eyes
I don’t see you anymore
Track Name: Paper Crane
Please rest your head—your shoulders are heavy
Just close your eyes, just for a second, darling
The day has passed, and you seem so worried
Your eyes stay lost—hidden in the ceiling

The sun had gone down behind the crescents
The light disappeared before you had even noticed
But the sun will shine in the morning
As you lie far away dreaming

Fly, my paper crane, fly

So is there nothing I can say?

Oh, I know it's hard

Fly my paper crane
Try and get some sleep
Rest your weary head
Don't be scared to dream
Of places that had brighter days
When you remember bluer skies
I can promise you one little thing
Everything will be alright
Track Name: Sky Bound Bird
We'll walk along the tide line
Made in the sand
And hope it leads to new views
Because the sun is slowly fading
And soon there'll be nothing left
Except the
Sounds of an ocean beckoning us back

But we'll stay; watching the lights rest
Over the seascape
Where the sun meets water
And we'll align the creases
On its surface
Until the
Coast disappears and we're left silent

But I know you can't wait forever
So I'll cut the rope
And let you go my sky-bound bird
I'll open the window so you
Can fly away to see the world
But I'm hoping
That one day soon you'll come on home

The warmth of our sun
Slowly dies down
As our days are drawn to an end
And I am sitting
Where the seaside kisses the shore
As our footsteps end before the water